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Rise of E Vehicle Essay Example for Free

 Rise of E Vehicle EssayMANILA, Philippines? There? s something about electric vehicles. They don? t use gasoline or diesel and therefore don? t pollute the air. They run without noise and are cost-efficient. If Filipinos are educated about the benefits of using these ? plug-in? modes of transportation, they would be wondering why we haven? t caught up with the craze yet. Going ? green? is all the rage right now because of climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. Global warming threatens not only the survival of the human species, but also of other living things big and small that call Earth home.    Serious efforts have been made to counter or at least minimize the adverse effects of global warming. Because emissions like carbon dioxide from fossil fuels are a major source of global warming, people have sought alternative sources of energy like solar, hydro and wind power. They have also come up with electric vehicles.

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